Our hygiene and safety measures for events

In close cooperation with the authorities and institutions, we have developed a COVID-19 catalog of measures that regulates the cooperation at our events in such a way that the joy of information and experience is not lost.

In an overview we have compiled all measures for you. Of course we are also available for a personal conversation.

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Status: 10 January 2022

Our services to you:

We make sure all participants can maintain proper social distancing.

We provide all participants with opportunities for regular and adequate hand hygiene.

We systematically track and trace all event participants.

We sanitise all contact surfaces regularly following specific cleaning schedules.

We provide disinfectant dispensers in all public areas.

Our ventilation systems continually supply our exhibition halls with fresh outside air.

We liaise with the local public transport system before each event to avoid overcrowding.

If a suspected COVID-19 case is detected during the trade fair, the affected person can be isolated and attended to at one of our two first-aid posts.

Trained staff will monitor compliance with the hygiene rules and help you comply.

We will notify all participants about the applicable safety and hygiene rules.

We protect our employees and partners by complying with the SARS-COV-2-specific occupational safety standards.

Our request to all participants:

Cover your mouth and nose. Face masks are mandatory.

If you are feeling unwell or have been around an ill person, you are not allowed to attend.

Comply with applicable quarantine requirements after returning from a high-risk region.

Do not shake hands.

Use cashless payment methods only.

While on the exhibition campus, comply with the same hospitality rules that apply everywhere else.

Dispose of used face masks using the rubbish bins provided for this purpose.

Take responsibility for compliance with the applicable safety and hygiene rules.

Our request to you as exhibitor:

You will need a hygiene strategy of your own for your exhibition stand. We will gladly assist you.

Instruct your staff about all applicable hygiene measures.

Distribute only pre-portioned, pre-packaged food and beverages to visitors.

Our request to you as congress organizer:

You will need a dedicated hygiene strategy for your congress. We will gladly assist you.

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