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German Missions abroad and options for sending documents

** We strongly recommend to choose the delivery by a courier, as this is quicker and guarantees that you will receive the letter of invitation, while this guarantee is not given if the letter of invitation is sent by post mail. Courier Service is to be organised and paid by exhibitors/visitors themselves. Letters to be picked up at A. Sutter Dialog Services GmbH, Bottroper Str. 20, 45141 Essen, Germany.

No more invitation letters for trade fair visas

The Federal Foreign Office informed the visa issuing posts of the German embassies and consulates all over the world that, in the future, when requesting accompanying documents for the application for a trade fair visa, an invitation letter from the trade fair organizers is no longer mandatory. Unlike for other business visitor visa, the invitation letter from a trade fair organizer does not normally have an additional substantiation function.

Source: AUMA Compact 12/2013

Please note: The relevant conditions (documents, proof, deadlines, etc.) for the application for a trade fair visa shall be enquired from the competent local embassy or consulate. Please contact the embassy or the consulate in due time. The required documents must always be handed in completely!