Hall data at a glance

Hall B1 GF


The upper floor of this hall gives a direct link via the Skywalk (a completely enclosed glass bridge) to the Central Entrance and the A-site. The two-storey arrangement with the wide glass façade gives a view across to the A-site, making this hall an ideal venue for gala and evening events. The glass façade can be automatically shaded if desired, so that no-one can look in from the outside.

Halls B1-B4

Halls B1 to B4 are part of an interconnected two-storey building complex with a length of 350 metres. The East Foyer serves as the entrance area. Each hall can also be used individually if required, and access is then via the open spaces.

The building complex permits clear structuring of areas. The two floors and the individual halls facilitate separation between different thematic areas or special event spaces. And it is easy for an event to grow from one year to another – simply book neighbouring halls for seamless growth.

The logistics are convincing. There are car parking spaces for visitors in the underground car park below the hall. There are free spaces for exhibitors right next to the halls. And load lifts for easy access to the upper floor. These lifts are also directly accessible from the outside.


Location terrain

Hamburg Messe - Location Hall B1
Gross area (m²) 3,517
Width (m) 44
Length (m) 54
Clear height (m) 5.90


Halle B1 EGHalle B1 EGHalle B1 EG

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All data is FKM certified, excl. the entrance foyers (Central Entrance, Foyer East GF and Foyer South GF).