A central location, individualised services, the highly adaptable exhibition grounds and the unique fascination of the city of Hamburg: There are many reasons for show and event organisers to choose Hamburg‘s fairground. More than 30 national and international guest events are organised in our exhibition halls every year, and the number is growing.

They cover a wide range of sectors. The facilities are equally well-suited for important regional order fairs for the retail sector as well as for globally leading aviation and logistics trade events. International media expos follow TV gala programmes, major sports events and corporate events. Consumer shows for contemporary art, motorcycle or golf enthusiasts further enrich Hamburg‘s event portfolio. Delivering a comprehensive range of services, the team of professionals from Hamburg Messe und Congress makes sure every single event is a full succes.

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Fair Site

The Hamburg Fair site is right up front in terms of functionality and flexibility, with state-of-the-art halls designed for a wide range of different fairs, exhibitions and events. Organisers and exhibitors benefit from efficient processes and low cost.

Ceilings are largely free of pillars, giving plenty of design freedom, and permitting suspension of heavy loads. Every hall has excellent access facilities through at least one gate. Large logistics yards are available to reduce assembly and disassembly times. Parking spaces are available next to and below the exhibition halls.

There are four separate visitor entrances, so that a number of events can be held in parallel at the Fair site.

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City of Hamburg

Hamburg has also adopted a cluster policy which has established an ideal economic foundation for innovative fields of the future, such as aviation, logistics, media & IT, maritime industry, renewable sources of energy, creative industries, life sciences and health care management.

The central aim of this cluster initiative is to link the worlds of industry, scientific research and politics. The success of this approach is also evident in the number of high-profile trade fairs and congresses being held in Hamburg and the Metropolitan Region. We can help make your event a success too, with some creative networking with opinion leaders and people who will spread the word.

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