The countdown is on: PHOTOPIA Hamburg to celebrate its debut featuring top brands ++ Canon ++ Sony ++ Nikon ++ Leica ++ Panasonic ++ WhiteWall ++ Eizo ++ Sigma ++ BenQ ++

After an involuntary break forced upon it by the COVID-19 pandemic, Hamburg Messe und Congress is back – with a spectacular premiere: PHOTOPIA Hamburg, held from 23 until 26 September, is a unique festival-like event for the entire digital imaging sector. With the industry’s key players and service providers and a wide range of innovative products featured at the PHOTOPIA Summit; exhibitions taking place at many different locations throughout the city; and a year-round online information platform, a triad of events under the motto “1 Festival – 4 Days Live – 365 Day Online” will mark the debut of PHOTOPIA Hamburg, promising inspiration to the entire imaging community, from professionals to ambitious amateurs and through to hobby photographers and smartphone users.

The sense of anticipation is building, says Bernd Aufderheide, President and CEO, Hamburg Messe und Congress: “The tension is mounting, and we can hardly wait for the event to finally start. PHOTOPIA Hamburg is a new format that is as fascinating as it is innovative and future-looking. I would like to expressly thank everybody for the great support we have been receiving from everywhere while preparing PHOTOPIA Hamburg. In particular, the government has sent a strong signal in support of Hamburg as a traditional trade fair city by easing the lockdown measures recently."


PHOTOPIA Summit: Love brands and top manufacturers

The unique format of the event has been met with a very positive market response. The top players of the digital imaging industry will be presenting their products and services in the photographic art and culture hub that is Hamburg, turning the city into the centre of the imaging world for four days. There will be camera manufacturers such as Canon, Sony, Nikon, Leica and Panasonic, lens manufacturers such as Sigma and Tamron, as well as the monitor brands BenQ and Eizo. Furthermore, print service providers like WhiteWall, paper manufacturers such as Ilford and Hahnemühle, and distributors including HapaTeam, Calumet, Probis and IPS will be exhibiting at PHOTOPIA Hamburg.

Yearning for face-to-face meetings and joint experiences

Expectations are high among the exhibiting companies as the premiere event draws nearer: "PHOTOPIA Hamburg is a brilliant new exposition and event concept for the digital imaging sector," says Thilo Röhrig, Commercial Director at Sony Germany. "This platform will provide Sony with an opportunity to showcase our latest product novelties locally and let people experience their creative potential physically. This is why we will be there, hoping for lots of very active visitors!"

Thomas Alscheid, CEO of WhiteWall, gives a similarly optimistic preview: "At WhiteWall we are very excited to be present at this new top event. Hamburg is an important city for photographic art and culture. We are happy to support PHOTOPIA Hamburg as a new highlight for the photography scene."

A metropolis built up in the exhibition halls

One of the top points of attraction at PHOTOPIA Hamburg will be the spectacular exhibition hall concept developed by the internationally renowned stage set designer Jens Weber. Covering 20,000 square metres across two halls, a unique installation will be set-up to create unique perspectives, shapes and figures. Based on the vision of a modern-time metropolis, it will represent a veritable city including streets, shops, stages and a park. It's 'buildings' will consist of around 350 cargo containers from around the world, a homage to Hamburg and its port. "Needless to say, to me as a trade fair professional this project feels downright heart-warming, especially here in Hamburg,” raves Bernd Aufderheide.

With broad visual axes and long street fronts full of spectacular motifs at their ends, park-like green areas and two large stages for shows featuring national and international photographers and influencers, the design will not only turn the exhibition halls into an ideal environment for the festival of the imaging community but become part of the exhibition itself. The artistic director of PHOTOPIA Hamburg is Christian Popkes, one of the best-known figures of the German photography scene.

About PHOTOPIA Hamburg

PHOTOPIA Hamburg will take place at the Hamburg exhibition complex and throughout the city from 23 to 26 September for the first time. It will then become a regular, annual event. The innovative live event hosted by Hamburg Messe und Congress is a triad composed of the PHOTOPIA Summit, the PHOTOPIA City and PHOTOPIA 365, a permanent online platform for sharing views, content and information. It will attract enterprises from the entire world of imaging, showcasing products and services related to photo and video recording, editing and processing, storage, displaying and sharing, including software and technology companies and many start-ups. It is open to all photography and filming professionals and enthusiasts. Apart from dealers, professionals, semi-professionals, hobby photographers and photography enthusiasts, the target audience expressly includes smartphone owners who like to use their devices for recording, editing and sharing photos and videos.