PHOTOPIA Hamburg Exhibition Marathon #3: 12th show by BFF Hamburg, titled “Future Perfect”, to be presented in a coronavirus-safe setting

From 10 June until 10 July, 62 BFF photographers and filmmakers will present their perspectives of the future at the Hamburg Messe und Congress ‘Gallery’. The photos and films will be displayed behind the exhibition hall windows facing Karolinenstrasse, enabling visitors to enjoy them at any time without being exposed to a coronavirus infection risk.

The exhibits will focus on one existential question looking ahead: What will the future bring? Or is the future more like a past? How will we live? How do we want to live? From very realistic images to phantasy worlds, from the Here and Now to another time... Are the professionals from the BFF, the Association of Free Photographers and Filmmakers, looking at the future with too much optimism – or too much pessimism? Are we off to a science fiction world? Or steadfastly taking one step at a time?

“We purposely chose a rather general topic for the exhibition so every single artist would find a channel for their creative inspiration. This is why we allowed the participants plenty of leeway with regard to the form of presentation: They were free to submit films, cinematographs, GIFs or photos,” explains Bob Leinders, BFF Regional Advisor for Hamburg and the initiator of the 12th BFF show.

This exhibition also marks the first step on the BFF’s journey to expand the scope of its cooperation with Hamburg Messe and PHOTOPIA Hamburg, which will take place in September (23 to 26).

Because of the coronavirus pandemic no vernissage will take place in connection with the exhibition. For more information please visit and