Hamburg Messe und Congress to work short time from 1 May until 31 August

Trade fairs, conventions and events of all kinds are our passion. We love bringing people together wherever we see an opportunity to do so. We want each one of these opportunities to be a memorable experience for everyone. Seeing our halls full of people and colourful, varied and attractive exhibition booths, and hosting world-class conferences attended by top-ranking experts makes us happy. Our hearts burn for what we do. Yet, we are forced to take a break. We must postpone or cancel events we have carefully planned over a long period of time. But we fully understand this is not a time to be impatient. Since many activities cannot take place at this time, we are reducing our office hours for the time being while continuing to work, with unwavering enthusiasm, on the preparation of future events. And we are happy to communicate with you!

For the time being, the best time to reach us is Tuesdays to Thursdays.

E-Mails sent to us on Mondays or Fridays may be processed with a slight delay.

For urgent matters please use our phone number +49 40 3569-0.

Yours kindly, Hamburg Messe und Congress