Hamburg Messe und Congress Expects New Sales Record in 2020

73 events held at the exhibition complex, 696,749 visitors, more than 1.25 million gross square meters occupied, an annual sales volume of 67.3 million euros, two successful HMC-organized trade fair debuts, and a highly publicized Rotary International Convention – this his how one could summarize the 2019 business year at Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH (HMC).

"It was a year of unusual events and circumstances," says Bernd Aufderheide, HMC President and CEO. "Apart from seven trade shows organized by HMC internally, we were able to attract 36 guest events plus 30 events that had to be moved to the exhibition facilities because of the temporary closure of the CCH – Congress Center Hamburg. All in all, that is a new record. Add to that the off-premises HAMBURG ancora YACHTFESTIVAL in Neustadt/Holstein, INMEX SMM India in Mumbai, and the management of the German pavilion at the Horticultural EXPO 2019 near Beijing. For 2020, we are expecting roughly 60 individual events and a sales total of €114 million, which will set yet another record."

The year in review: core business keeps growing

The largest contribution to the past year's sales revenues, a total amount of €27.2 million, once again came from the HMC-managed events, followed by our guest events business, which yielded €18.5 million in sales. These results are equivalent to growth rates of close to five and six percent, respectively, compared to the reference year 2017. The largest single event was INTERNORGA where 1,300 exhibitors from 25 nations attracted approximately 96,000 visitors to our exhibition halls. The accompanying professional conferences, attended by 3,000 participants, were likewise completely sold out.

The debuts of our two new trade shows, the MARINE INTERIORS Cruise & Ferry Global Expo and therapie HAMBURG, launched in September and October, respectively, received excellent feedback. While MARINE INTERIORS, a 100 percent HMC-organized trade show spun off SMM, the leading international maritime trade fair, specializes in ship interior design, therapie HAMBURG caters to physical, occupational and sports therapists and is staged jointly with Leipziger Messe. "What I found especially exciting about MARINE INTERIORS was the fact that we were able to put it together and successfully market it within an exceptionally short period of time,” Aufderheide stresses.

The total sales revenues of Hamburg Messe und Congress in 2019 amounted to €67.3 million. This left HMC with an operating income of 700,000 euros, and an annual result of €-28.9 million after subtraction of the expenditures for leased venues as well as depreciation and interest. An amount of -3.3 million euros was additionally invested in upgrade construction projects.

The general event statistics are once again somewhat atypical because 30 events that are normally held at the CCH moved to the exhibition halls because of the ongoing CCH revitalization campaign. This was one of the factors contributing to a new occupancy record for the fourth year in sequence, with 1,246,036 gross square metres occupied in total. The visitor and attendee numbers increased by approximately 28,000 compared to the reference year 2017, reaching a total of 696,749 people.

A major portion of these additional visitors were attendees of the 110th Rotary International Convention, which attracted members of 3,605 Rotary clubs from 170 countries to Hamburg. The city’s tourism industry recorded a total of €24 million in additional revenues thanks to this event.

Guest events – unique additions to the program

Our guest events business not only relies on long-standing repeat customers such as Nordstil, the Aircraft Interiors Expo and the OMR Festival but also frequently benefits from returning shows and entirely new ones. High-profile new events in 2019 included BIO-Europe®, a life sciences conference with a focus on biotechnology that occupied five exhibition halls, and ARCHITECT@Work, a top-ranking industry event for architects and interior decorators drawing around 2,000 visitors.

CCH – 30 events moved to exhibition halls

The 30 CCH events that took place in the exhibition halls included the 71st Convention of the German Urologist Association, the largest medical convention with 6,800 attendees. Several other CCH key accounts had guest appearances at the HMC complex in 2019, among them ENDOCLUBNORD and the 19th convention of the German Interdisciplinary Association for Intensive and Emergency Care. In addition, there were twelve annual shareholder and personnel assembly meetings as well as smaller events, some of which took place in parallel.

International activities – assisting German exhibitors in 12 countries

The HMC international department accompanied a total of 468 German exhibitors to 20 events in 12 different countries during the year 2019. These exhibitions primarily focused on oil and gas, shipbuilding and marine technology as well as medical science and technology. Hamburg is home to industrial clusters from all of these disciplines. Furthermore, a group from our team organized and managed the German pavilion at the Horticultural EXPO 2019 near Beijing. This was the sixth time Hamburg Messe und Congress was involved in an EXPO.

Outlook – six trade shows have taken place already

In January 2020 alone, six trade events were completed successfully: Nordstil, the Hochzeitstage Hamburg wedding show, the Heldenmarkt sustainability fair as well as our HMC-organized events NORTEC, HAMBURG OPEN and home². HAMBURG OPEN is the third new trade show in the HMC program, along with MARINE INTERIORS and therapie HAMBURG. Originally hosted on the premises of Studio Hamburg MCI, this networking event for the broadcasting and media technology industry is now a joint project of MCI and HMC who are expanding and developing it together.

Out of a total number of roughly 60 events to be held during the year 2020, twelve are organized and managed by Hamburg Messe und Congress. A combined leisure and tourism format consisting of six individual exhibitions with the common motto “oohh! Die FreizeitWelten der Hamburg Messe” will start as soon as February 5. The photography trade show FOTOHAVEN HAMBURG, one of the six, has been expanded significantly. All six trade shows can be accessed with a single ticket. Another major public exhibition following in April is the equestrian event HansePferd which will present a program of more than 450 live demonstrations and lectures covering a broad spectrum of topics from ethical husbandry to healthy feeding and much more.

The top events of the year 2020 for Hamburg Messe und Congress are the three industry-leading trade shows INTERNORGA, SMM and WindEnergy Hamburg. Because of the high number of exhibitors, a temporary exhibition hall will be set-up on the premises for INTERNORGA, and two extra halls for SMM.

Until the reopened CCH – Congress Center Hamburg welcomes its first convention at the end of August, nearly a dozen CCH events will be taking place in the exhibition halls. The first guest in the new CCH will be the World Congress of Endourology, followed by the 73rd German Jurist Convention and the ICANN's 69th Public Meeting. ICANN, whose acronym stands for Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, is a non-profit partnership dedicated to Internet security.

During the current year, HMC will also be the venue of more than 30 guest events, including “Hamburger Tattoo Tage”, a novel show dedicated to the art of the tattoo held from February 21-23, and the media center for the parliamentary elections of the State of Hamburg. On the international stage, Hamburg Messe und Congress will organize 25 German event participations on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy as well as the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture.

The annual sales revenue planned for 2020 is €114 million.