Joint exhibition stands

Let each individual exhibitor make its mark while enjoying the advantages of a joint trade fair presence.

  • Enhance your market presence: Join & partner with others representing your industry or country.
  • Panoramic arrangement: Provide visitors with an overview of your industry or country.
  • Cost factor: Share the infrastructure costs (e.g., kitchen, meeting spaces) with others for an efficient trade fair participation.
  • Attract visitors: Be part of a special platform that enhances your trade fair success.
  • No-worries package: Reduce your planning overhead.
  • Focus on your business: Let others worry about the technicalities – focus on your product presentation and customer interaction.
  • Meet individual needs: Designs can accommodate specific requirements.


Version A

Economical and highly visible thanks to a multitude of advertising surfaces


€98.00 per m²

Version B

Reduce your planning effort – choose our attractive joint stand design


€139.00 per m²

Version C

The perfect stand for your trade fair success


€263.00 per m²

Version D

Exclusive, open design: The eyecatcher


€299.00 per m²

Furnishings (available for stands 12 m² and larger)


from €78.00 per m²

Meeting room

from €51.00 per m²


from €149.00 per m²

Reception desk

from €58.00 per m²


For all your questions and for help in booking the services you need please feel free to ask our exhibitor services team.