Furniture Packages

Furniture packages are only bookable in connection with a shell scheme.

Furniture Package 1 [B40301]

Package Content:

  • [B405009] Table round Foot aluminium, plate white with brown rim,
    height 73 cm, dia. 70 cm
  • [B405051] Upholstered chair textile anthracite, chromium frame
  • [B405060] Barhocker "Z" black black leather, chromium frame
  • [B404003] Counter modular white/silver, plate white,
    100x50 cm, height 100 cm

Price: 197,00 €

Furniture Package 2 [B40302]

Package Content:

  • [B405034] 1x Bistro table Plastic white, dia 60 cm
  • [B405061] 4x Barhocker "Z" white white leather, chromium frame
  • [B404053] 1x Table display anodized aluminium/glass,
    100x50 cm, height 100 cm, lockable
  • [B406002] 1x Brochure rack P3 3 shelves DIN A4, 120x30 cm

Price: 260,00 €

Furniture Package 3 [B40303]

Package Content:

  • [B405032] 1x high table 120 x 78 cm h:108 cm, white
  • [B405056] 4x Barstools white leather, chromium frame
  • [B404011] 1x Counter C-O white 796 x 500 mm, H=1053 mm,
    open board under top plate, lockable box beneath
  • [B404006] 1x sideboard white, lockable
  • [B406004]1x Brochure rack M4 4 x DIN A4, 42 x 34 cm, h:155 cm

Price: 385,00 €