Online Service Center (OSC)

Our OSC - Online Service Center facilitates your participation as an exhibitor in a number of ways.

Are you a first-time exhibitor at this event?

 If so, select the item “Registration without LogIn” for the relevant event, and then enter your data. Within a short time you will then receive confirmation of your registration by e-mail, and project management will contact you as soon as possible with a specific proposal for space allocation.

Have you exhibited at previous events in the series?

If so, you can log in here with your access data, and you will immediately receive your data, which you can change as necessary or retain unchanged.

After your acceptance as an exhibitor you can book services direct at our Online Service Center. For exhibitors at previous events in the same series, these are the same data as for stand registration – so you do not have to work with several sets of access data.

The Online Service Center offers you

  • General and event-specific information
  • A catalogue of bookable services
  • A shopping basket to collect services
  • An ordering function, to send us orders for the services you need, as placed in your shopping basket
  • Order status, showing all orders which you have placed for your related Fair stand


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