Limiting the use of consumable items helps minimise our ecological footprint. We also aim to minimise paper use in our offices; wherever paper is required, we use recycled paper. We do not use plastic cutlery or other plastic eating utensils in our offices. When selecting service providers, we assign great importance to sustainability: for example, cleaning companies are expected to use biodegradable cleaning agents wherever possible. We minimise the use of road salt, except on surfaces which are especially hazardous. Our catering partner Käfer gives preference to regional, seasonal and organic food supplies and optimises quantities for the number of participants. Based on the HMC Purchasing department's sustainability guidelines, HMC prefers regional service partners and suppliers, which are bound by long-term contracts.

All waste produced at HMC is properly separated and disposed of. All exhibitors are required to minimise waste. All paper, glass and packaging waste produced during events is recycled properly. Non-recyclable waste is taken to incinerators which comply with the strict emission limits of the German Federal Emission Control Act. We collect glass and old batteries centrally for proper recycling.

CCH business unit:

CCH uses water-saving fixtures to reduce water flow rates and rinse volumes. In addition, CCH uses special water filters to offer tap water in carafes, saving plastic and transportation costs.